Apollo Foam provides innovative, custom engineered polyethylene foam solutions globally

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Apollo Foam pride ourselves in our ability to provide a service that prioritises customer service and excellent product quality.

We place the utmost importance on the innovation and development of new materials and machinery to guarantee we deliver market leading polyethylene foam solutions.

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Apollo Foam is the partner of choice in a number of market sectors

Our Market Sectors

Apollo Foam is the partner of choice in a number of market sectors, having experience in designing, material knowledge, conversion techniques, and logistics to bring our customer base excellence in polyethylene foam solutions. The market sectors we supply solutions to are:


Our range of Polyethylene foams are energy absorbent, durable, low odour, and offer excellent insulation properties. Flame retardant grades are also available for the construction of Business, Civil, and Military Aircraft.


Our range of high temperature and flame retardant foams in a range of light densities are constantly pushing the boundaries of automotive production.

Building & Construction

Polyethylene foam is the material of choice for insulation, sealing, and cushioning in the building and construction sector.


Sensitive electrical items need to be packaged in ESD foam, Apollo Foam has Conductive, Static Dissipative, and Anti-static polyethylene foams specific for your application.


Primary care sectors require a wide range of both polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam to obtain either the rigidity or softness they require for the application, Apollo Foam has the range of foam to cater for the primary healthcare sector.

Military & Defence

Nothing can be left to chance in this mission critical industry, our dedicated range of defence standard polyethylene foam ensures the perfect protection.


For transportation, display, and storage Plastazote polyethylene foam is the choice for curators worldwide. Plastazote offers premium protection whilst being chemically inert.

Retail Packaging

With polyethylene foam being so user friendly for the converter and it's aesthetically pleasing look, and protective properties this material is being used more and more for prestige packaging and display purposes.

Sports & Leisure

Polyethylene foam is available in a wide range of colours and densities which can be converted into a number of products for the sport and leisure industry. These can be branded to you own organisation if required.

Transit Packaging

When it's the ultimate in protection you require polyethylene foam is the material you can count on, available in both cross-linked and non-cross linked variations.

When choosing Apollo Foam you will be sure to receive expert advice along with first class skills in processing your orders. As the UK’s fastest growing independent polyethylene foam converter our promise is to deliver industry leading materials, and technological new ways of material processing.

Contact a member of our highly skilled and dedicated sales team, they would love to hear from you and assist with any further questions you may have about the products and services Apollo Foam can offer.