Apollo Foam provides innovative, custom engineered polyethylene foam solutions globally

Apollo Foam converts and manufacturers bespoke finished items from both cross-linked polyethylene foam and open cell polyurethane foam for the medical and healthcare market. Medical foams for support and protection orthotics, prosthetics, podiatrists, wheelchair pads, and hygienic seating.

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Key Benefits

Polyethylene foam has many benefits; it’s lightweight, non toxic, non corrosive, non degradable, hypoallergenic, and non irritant.

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Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foams are mostly used in a number of medical applications including, catheter and general purpose tubing, hospital bedding, surgical drapes, wound dressings, and short term implants.

The endurance, high strength, and high abrasion resistance these key attributes are supporting new applications continually being found by medical device manufacturers.

Polyethylene Foam The Orthotists Choice

Polyethylene foam is ideal for a wide range of specialized orthopaedic insole applications, polyethylene provides maximum comfort, enabling podiatrists to diagnose and stabilize foot pressure, which relieves the patients pain.

Cross-Linked polyethylene foam can also come with a range of additives which combined make this the ideal material for the healthcare industry.

Metallocene, which is a polyethylene foam with a metallocene additive, makes the material more hard wearing and resilient to tearing.

You can also have polyethylene foam with an EVA additive which gives the material a softer feel at higher densities.

Both of these materials can be laminated together with heat or to a low density polyethylene to give a composite material for the medical sector.

Closed cell polyethylene foam can be used where they are likely to come into contact with medical implants, being closed cell they have a wipe clean surface.

Apollo Foam provide cost-effective polyethylene foam solutions

Our polyethylene foams are converted to our customers’ individual requirements from split sheets, pressed foam fitments, waterjet and routed polyethylene foam components for all market sectors.

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