Apollo Foam provides innovative, custom engineered polyethylene foam solutions globally

Apollo Foam specialise in converting polyethylene and polyurethane foam for the civil, business, military, and aerospace industries.

With their closed cell structure, low water absorption, impermeable to water vapour, excellent insulating properties, durable, flexible, and long life it’s no wonder they are the go to materials for aircraft manufacturers.

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The Demand

The rise in demand for low cost carrier airlines has increased the demand for aerospace grade foam in commercial aircraft, both Polyurethane and Polyethylene foam provide superior insulation in varied temperature ranges and reduce air leakage.

Aerospace Has Gone Zotek

Zotek F (Polyethylene) manufactured exclusively by Zotefoams is the latest material to be used by aircraft manufacturers. But Why?

Zotek F is a PVDF foam which offers both weight and cost advantages over other commonly used aviation materials including silicones and composites.

Zotek F’s flammability performance meets the stringent test criteria required for this very demanding industry and meets BMS 8-3711D & FAR 25 853 (d).

Zotek F is also the converters go to material with it’s ease of conversion.


Lineside tool control can be manufactured from low density Polyethylene foam in various different densities and colours.

It can be routed to provide a visual aid when working on the aircrafts, which also provides protection for the tools in situ and keeps the area clean and tidy. Dunnage and lineside packaging also aids in the maintenance of engines, packaging kits, after market kits, ideal for any aerospace service engineer.

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Polyurethane Foams

The various different densities and flame retardancy ratings means open cell polyurethane is the ideal material to be used for commercial aircraft seating.

Polyurethane can be used on it’s own in in conjunction with a Polyethylene foam to give a composite material.

Polyurethane foam is less dense allowing it to be used when softness and comfortability are required. Polyurethane foam is a fantastic thermal insulation provider more permeable to moisture vapour and provides less resistance to pressure.

Polyethylene and Polyurethane foams offer performance, durability, Light Weight, and protection for everything Aerospace.

Apollo Foam provide cost-effective polyethylene foam solutions

Our polyethylene foams are converted to our customers’ individual requirements from split sheets, pressed foam fitments, waterjet and routed polyethylene foam components for all market sectors.

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