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Why Apollo Foam Uses Zotefoams

Zotefoams using it’s unique three stage process, and only using nitrogen for expansion stage manufacture a polyethylene foam unrivalled by it’s competition in the conservation and display market.

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Protecting The Past

Plastazote manufactured by Zotefoams is the premier material when it comes to displaying, transporting, or archiving any of the worlds most priceless artefacts, works of art, sculptures etc.

It’s uniform cell structure, purity, range of densities, and range of colours make it the material of choice for any conservator. With the Plastazote being closed cell it can be easily cleaned with soapy detergents in soapy water if need be.

Plastazote is available in a range of densities from 15kg per cubic metre up to 115kg per cubic metre dependant upon the application. Also available is Evazote this is a low density polyethylene with an EVA additive which gives the material a softer touch whilst being able to sustain a higher density.

Typical Applications

Draw liners are commonly used in the museums and heritage market to rest or place items onto the Plastazote to act as a cushion against the harsh cabinet surface.

These can be cut to size and thickness to suit any size cabinet. Evazote painting blocks can also be provided, these are to rest paintings on so not to damage the framework of the painting, these again can be cut to any individual size and thickness required.

Book supports are also produced in an Evazote material which gives a soft touch feel when the book is placed is placed in position, with the unique spine support this provides premium protection, and is very ascetically pleasing on the eye when on display. Lastly box lining when pieces of Polyethylene foam are cut to size to go into the recess of a box, for both protection and display purposes i.e. for insect pinning.


Polyethylene foam can be converted into a number of different products for the museums and heritage market due to the ease of it’s conversion.

If it’s pads that are required these can be split to the correct thickness then foam sawed to the finished size, if you are looking for hundreds of the same size this would be better produced from a tool to give accuracy time and time again.

If you have a requirement for castellated sheets to house multiple paintings this can be produced on our router then cut back to the specific size required. Even when it comes to the packaging and crating of items Polyethylene foam is the material of choice with it’s good energy absorption, ammonia free, uniform cell size, and density range.

Plastazote Properties

Both Plastazote and Evazote have a high level of purity, non staining, acid and ammonia free, weather and chemical resistant, elasticity, energy absorption, uniform cell structure and profile, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Apollo Foam provide cost-effective polyethylene foam solutions

Our polyethylene foams are converted to our customers’ individual requirements from split sheets, pressed foam fitments, waterjet and routed polyethylene foam components for all market sectors.

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