Apollo Foam provides innovative, custom engineered polyethylene foam solutions globally

Apollo Foam offers a diverse range or polyethylene foams both cross-linked and non-cross linked for the packaging markets no matter what you application. This can be offered as a simple sheet or as a complex routed or waterjet cut fitment.

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The True Cost of Packaging

With spiralling piece costs of both consumer and business to business items why is the packaging of the item always the last thing that gets considered, and we still wonder why we have so many breakages in transit through one reason or another.

What is the true cost of the breakages your company endures? Well Apollo Foam can help with it’s custom engineered foam fitments/routings.

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Cross-Linked or Non-Cross Linked

Polyethylene foam can be used for one way transit or multiple transit dependant upon the grade and the complexity of the item being packaged, for one way packaging where functionality is key an non-cross linked polyethylene foam would provide the security you would require, this can be designed and tested to give you piece of mind before bulk production.

Non-cross linked foam is also available in PAS (Pink Anti Static) when dealing in the electronics field, this material will not generate a static charge when in place. Non-Cross Linked foams come in a range of different densities to suit your application these are generally based in weight per cubic meter or alternative lbs per cubic meter.

Cross-Linked polyethylene foam is more commonly used for multiple transit use, with it’s diverse range of colours and densities this is usually a more expensive option but what price do you put on breakages in the field. They have good impact protection, non toxic, and extremely light weight. In the range of cross-linked foams are SD (Static Dissipative) this material allows a static charge to be dissipated over the surface area of the product, CN (Conductive) this material allows a static charge to pass through the material.

The Process

Right through from the enquiry stage we can help you select the best possible polyethylene foam for your individual application.

If you don’t already have a design in mind we will help design the perfect packaging for your product, we will offer a fully detailed quotation showing all costs, upon an order we will provide a sample for written approval, and lastly upon approval discuss a suitable lead-time for both parties.

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Apollo Foam provide cost-effective polyethylene foam solutions

Our polyethylene foams are converted to our customers’ individual requirements from split sheets, pressed foam fitments, waterjet and routed polyethylene foam components for all market sectors.

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