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Self Adhesive Backing

Apollo Foam can supply both your Polyethylene foam and Polyurethane foam with a pressure sensitive self adhesive backing to aid with bonding to materials with differing textures.

Foam with a self adhesive backing
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Apollo Foam stock a range of double sided tapes which can be applied quickly and easily to our range of open cell Polyurethane foams and closed cell Polyethylene foams.

The roll of adhesive, generally 100mts, is loaded onto the self adhesive laminator. The operator then sets the machine to the thickness of the material which is being coated adding a little bit of pressure for the adhesive to key to the material. The adhesive then travels over a heated roller to activate the adhesive ready to be applied, both the material and the adhesive combine under rubber rollers with pressure to self adhesive back the material in either sheet or roll format.

The range of adhesive tapes available is vast so Apollo Foam can guide you in the right direction in which tape is most suitable for your application.

You can have tapes with differing coloured release papers , some which have no liners / carriers called direct coat adhesives, others which have a carrier such as a scrim liner which helps maintain the shape of the product, some extremely low tack so they can be removed very easily from the application, and others which are very high tack upon laminating which give a semi-permanent fix.

Apollo Foam provide cost-effective polyethylene foam solutions

Our polyethylene foams are converted to our customers’ individual requirements from split sheets, pressed foam fitments, waterjet and routed polyethylene foam components for all market sectors.

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